Note To NFL: Women Aren’t Batgirl.

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By Timzilla – Where do we throw a red flag? The NFL has to review its wimpy punishment against Baltimore Ravens’ RB Ray Rice. Two games? For beating a woman?

Not acceptable.

Make no mistake. Other than maybe Apple, the NFL is the most image-savvy organization on the planet. That’s why RiceGate has me flummoxed beyond repair. How could the ultra-smart NFL brand get it so wrong? So miserably wrong.

I understand we’re in the New World Order. In movies, unarmed, 85-pound women knock out multiple 250-pound, brass-knuckled thugs. See wispy Anne Hathaway as Batgirl? In TV commercials, men are pathetic babbling idiots, barely above termites on the smarts scale (the latest ad shows a husband too stupid to create an online security password – he’s lost until saved by the wife). Admittedly I’ve been unable to recall a password – but never unable to create one.

So I’m thinking the NFL believes way too much in the New World Order, where women kick ass, and kick ass, and kick ass. Then kick more ass.

Look, there was no fair fight inside that New Jersey casino elevator. Rice benches 350 pounds. She doesn’t. He curls 100-plus pounds. She doesn’t. He squats 1000 pound. She doesn’t. He’s muscles of mass destruction. She’s isn’t Batgirl.

But it gets worse. The League doubles down.

The NFL yesterday sent Adolpho Birch, NFL V.P. of labor policy and government affairs, onto the Mike & Mike Show on ESPN to spin their suspension of Rice. It didn’t go well:

“The discipline that was taken by the NFL is the only discipline that occurred with respect to Mr. Rice in this case,” Birch said. “Were he not an NFL player, I don’t know that he would have received punishment from any other source … We believe that the discipline we issued is appropriate — it’s multiple games, and hundreds of thousands of dollars. It doesn’t reflect that we condone the behavior.”

Huh? It doesn’t reflect that you condone the behavior? Mr. Birch, you’re sending the unmistakable message the NFL doesn’t take spousal abuse seriously. Jacksonville WR Justin Blackmon was recently arrested for marijuana possession – for the fourth time. It’s almost certain he’ll be suspended for the entire 16-game season. Browns’ WR Josh Gordon was just levied a 16-game suspension, also for marijuana use.

In the NFL’s New World Order, smoking pot is eight times worse than beating the crap out of your girlfriend.

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4 Responses to "Note To NFL: Women Aren’t Batgirl."
  1. RedRifleRules says:

    Nailed it Zilla. NFL F’d up bad. This issue probably nags the Ravens all year.

  2. LombardiOrBust says:

    Its picking up steam, Steven t got suspended a week from espn for chiming in.

  3. TheReal85IsaacCurtis says:

    Rice will hounded all year by the media and taunted at visiting stadiums. Womens groups wont let up on the NFL. Time will tell if effects the Ravens play on the field.

  4. GoAwayLewis says:

    I saw that commercial. That’s one stupid dude, he cant even create a damn password hahahaha!!!!

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