Bengals Vontaze Burfict – The Baddest, Meanest, Bullyingest Muther’n LB In Team History?

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By Timzilla – Cincinnati Bengals’ year-three linebacker Vontaze Burfict blew into town with a backstory – a reputation for bad. A heapin’ helpin’ of bad. Some say they witnessed him eating a Humvee.

Simply, Vontaze is the baddest, meanest, bullyingest muther’n linebacker in team history. He’s the Bengals’ fan Jack Lambert. Dick Butkus. Ronnie Lott. Ray Nitschke. A tasty attitude-talent cocktail. But it wasn’t a fairy tale start.

With the discipline of a 250-pound garden hose turned loose at full speed, Burfict was all over the place, but no where specific. He was undisciplined. He was nasty. He was cranky. He was mouthy.

He is Tazquatch.

That’s why he fell in the Bengals as an undrafted rookie free agent. Burfict clearly scared off teams due to his undisciplined play that famously racked up 16 personal fouls in 26 games at Arizona State.

Tazquatch bites the heads off bats and ball carriers. But this bat-head-biting Bengal bad boy has a unique knack for being around the ball. Like speed, that can’t be taught.

Look, the Bengals don’t exactly have a rich history for search ‘n destroy LBs. Sure, there’s Takeo Spikes. He was good, but not Tazquatch. From yesteryear there was Bill Bergy and Jim LeClair. Both were good. Damned good. But not Tazquatch.

Maybe the only Bengal badder than Burfict? Former team offensive coordinator – The Zim – who had to break this bucking bronco – without actually breaking him. Even a Humvee-snacking Tazquatch needs discipline. It’s working.

Simply, Tazquatch is a tacking machine.  And the baddest, meanest, bullyingest muther’n linebacker in team history. Do you agree?

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12 Responses to "Bengals Vontaze Burfict – The Baddest, Meanest, Bullyingest Muther’n LB In Team History?"
  1. TheReal85IsaacCurtis says:

    No doubt he’s the best LB in team history. At this pace he is a HOFer!

  2. RedRifleRules says:

    Tazquatch, I LOVE IT!!! 🙂

  3. RedZoneJP says:

    Barring injury Burfict will be a many times all pro and have a shot at the hall of fame. The Bengals have never had a guy with a nose for the ball like him.

  4. shakeNNblake says:

    Taz is the first Bengals LB who could have earned playing time on the 1975-76 Steel Curtain team. He’s a unique talent.

  5. LonnyBgood says:

    I am curious to see if Taz will be a great blitzer. If he is that rocksssss!!!!

  6. CurlRouteJones says:

    Bingo, Timzilla!!! Spot on. Tazquatch is the best LB in team history. He is badass!!!

  7. GeorgeGruff2020 says:

    Burfict and Bill Bergy are the best Bengals LBs ever.

  8. BergyBoys says:

    Not even debatable. The BEST bengals lb ever.

  9. LuvinMeSumMee says:

    He needs to blitz more. Great LBs are graded on sacks these days. But does he have the speed to be a great rusher?

  10. GoAwayLewis says:

    Probably too early to tell. Lets see what happens the next couple years, but he’s most likely the best ever.

  11. LombardiOrBust says:

    Hes got my vote.

  12. TheReal85IsaacCurtis says:

    I want to see 1 more season. Lets see him compete for NFL D Player of the year or be first team all-pro. I need to see a monster year from The Taz.

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