Geraldo The Oddbounces Jeanie: “Hey Cedric Benson – Run Silent, Run Deep, Will Ya.”

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Cedric Benson should run silent, run deep - deeper than 13 measley yards.

Ah, recall those uneasy, restless autumn days gone by? Mid-October with the 0-5 Bengals already out of it. Hordes of players piping up. Unhappy. Whining. Grumbling. Bitching. Complaining. As Bengals fans we grew use to players turning faster than the leaves.

But hey, it’s not even October and the Bengals are 2-1. So would someone please tell that to Cedric Benson.

But Benson keeps talking.

“With all those players and names you brought up (Terrell Owens, Jordan Shipley, Jermaine Gresham) they’re all, except for one, directly involved in the passing game. So, I mean, if I had to guess, it seems that that’s kind of the route that we’re trying to go, which can be a bit frustrating because we were successful running the football last year and being a power team. Being that type of team got us where we ultimately wanted to be, which was in the playoffs. I don’t know what would be the reason the team would want to change their identity, unless in the past season it didn’t work. But that’s not the case here. And, I mean, I don’t know. I guess whoever’s making those shots, or calling those shots, you got to kind of roll with the punches.”

First let me say, I like Benson on this team. I have since his arrival. But do I like Benson? Probably a little less than last year, and less from the year before. Frankly I don’t totally trust him outside his Bengals uniform. I don’t trust where he is and what he’s doing at 3 a.m. And I don’t trust Benson’s motives for mouthing his “frustrations” three games into a season. 

All RBs with 3.0 yard per carry averages should shut TFU. I have spoken.

Is it because he cares about the team – or cares about his personal stats in a contract year? See what I mean?

So here we sit on Sept. 30 just a game out of first place, with an 8-game AFCN winning streak, and having already beat the Ravens, a team most experts pick to win the Division, Conference and Super Bowl. So why go public with “frustrations” talk now? Is it because he cares about the team – or cares about his personal stats in a contract year?

As always, when I’m dumbfounded and in need of sage counsel, I consult Geraldo The Oddbounces Jeanie. But because Geraldo is attending a Green Conference in south France, he faxed the following statement:

“Hear me mere mortals. Cincinnati Bengals running back Cedric Benson should shut TFU. Yes, shut TFU. When you’re just three games into a season and sit 2-1, you shut TFU. Worry less about publicly voicing frustration, and worry more about your own girly 3.0 yard per carry average, and whopping 13-yard longest run. Benson, run silent, run deep, will ya.”

So Geraldo The Oddbounces Jeanie has spoken. Cedric Benson should run silent, run deep (and deeper than 13 measley yards).

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7 Responses to "Geraldo The Oddbounces Jeanie: “Hey Cedric Benson – Run Silent, Run Deep, Will Ya.”"
  1. 2Coy2bBacon says:

    Amen brutha!

  2. Timzilla says:

    I double that Amen!

    All Hail Geraldo … Benson shut TFU! So say we all.

  3. dallasorbust says:

    I can’t tell if Benson did this for team reasons or selfish reasons. I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. But he does need to pipe up and just play football.

  4. NuffJohnson says:

    Geraldo, you are wiser than your years and have better gridiron insight than a certain Bengals Offensive Coordinator who shall go nameless.

    Dallas, you are much less judgmental than me and most bottled Jeanies if you think there’s even a chance that Ced mouthed off for “team reasons”. Puh-leeeeeeze!

  5. SnotNocker says:

    With an Ocho and TO on this team who would have guessed Benson would be the selfish big mouth. I don’t think anyone doubts the offense is frustrated but keep it in the locker room, not in the media. Shut up and break some long runs Benson!

  6. Houdino says:

    Ditto. You’ll get no devil’s advocate opinion from me this time. It’s a no brainer: Ced, shut TFU!

  7. IsaactheReal85 says:

    Be thankful OchcoFake85 and TO haven’t started crying yet. Solid teams find ways to get through a bad time. I think the Cleveland game will tell us a lot about the heart and soul of this team.

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